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You are just moments away from the education, support and validation you need to succeed at natural childbirth, and enhance the overall prenatal, birth and postpartum experience you were born to have.

Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You know you want a natural childbirth experience, but you’re not sure you’re capable of managing the pain…
  • You’re trying your hardest to stay in the right mindset and not let naysayers get you down, but it doesn’t seem like many people who love you really have your back or want you to succeed…
  • You know enough to know you don’t know everything, but you also don’t know what you should be asking and worry that what ultimately trips you up will be something you didn’t know to even ask about…
  • You don’t necessarily need more resources on which fruit is comparable in size to your developing baby or how important it is to eat right and restrict bad habits. You need to know the things that aren’t being talked about – some of them perhaps deliberately hidden from you. You find it hard to see how anything can be different or better than how it currently is…
  • It can seem like all the good birth stories happen to everyone else, and you worry you could end up pushed to settle for whatever happens to you…
  • You’re frustrated because you’ve tried to find the resources other natural-minded moms speak of and are left wondering where they’re hiding and how those mothers all came to know so much.

If these resonate with you, you’re finally in the right place. This is your village. We’re a community of knowledge seekers. People just like you who are ready to embrace the magic of childbirth, and harness their inner strength as birthing beings. As creators of life, we write our stories, and we do it with evidence and ancestral wisdom in mind. Welcome home.

Join The BIRTH Circle, an online community of natural birthing knowledge seekers that offers all you need to succeed in having a natural prenatal and birthing experience.

We all crave a birth experience that is fearless and full of enlightenment and a deep connection to ourselves and our babies. We desire a pregnancy that is met with compassion and respect from providers, and labors that provide the same as we make our beautiful and grand entrance into motherhood.


Inside The BIRTH Circle, this is exactly what you’re going to discover. Led by Dani Lasher, Childbirth and Parenting Educator, The BIRTH Circle takes women on a journey like no other. As a community with like interests surrounds and supports you, your knowledge base will expand, and you’ll come to realize that somewhere along this really engaging and fun relationship you’ve built with us, you learned all you needed to know to have your perfect natural birth. The BIRTH Circle savors sisterhood and more than anything, you will develop a newfound confidence in yourself seeing newcomers just like you having the same success you aim to. The  fear of birth and anxiety coming from all those “what ifs” will melt away as your knowledge continues to grow.


You might be wondering how is The BIRTH Circle with Dani different and what will it do for me?


It’s a one-of-a-kind community, built to make learning feel fun and effortless. It’s a safe space to share your deepest struggles with your mind and body as you approach motherhood, knowing you will receive only help, education and support – never judgement. 


“If it wasn’t for this group, I would have blindly complied with dr recommendations and likely had a third disappointing induction. If it wasn’t for this group, I never would have discovered my passion for empowering mothers and took the first steps to become a midwife.” – Robin S.


“I just want to say that this group brings me so much joy. Like, there’s real life stuff happening in the group, but more often than not I’m seeing pictures of new babies, moms helping moms, encouragement, support and love. THIS is the best of the human race. It’s an ugly world out there and we all come from varying backgrounds, cultures, religions, political views, etc. But the true CARE that is displayed here gives me hope for our babies. Bless all you mommas in whatever phase you’re in!” – Rachel T.


“THANK YOU!!!!! I joined this group years ago, long before I even started trying for a baby. I didn’t even fully understand WHAT a natural birth was – I just wanted to learn. I sat back and listened to countless wise women share their encouragement and knowledge. My eyes starting to open. Now I sit here, just found out I am pregnant with our first baby, and I am CONFIDENT, knowledgeable, and excited for birth. You, and everyone here saved me from heartache which would have been inevitable with the conventional route. THANK YOU for this space and the integrity you hold here. It changes lives.” – Cassiti O.


“Just celebrated my baby’s 1st birthday. Brought back all the feels from being able to deliver naturally thanks to the women in this group and such wisdom and encouragement. This was literally the best year of my life. All the love hormones came overwhelmingly, and I could not thank this community enough.” – Cyndi. C.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Danielle Lasher, aka Dani. I’m a professional childbirth, menstrual and parenting educator and the founder of The BIRTH Circle and The Parenting Continuum. I’ve been teaching women how to understand their bodies better and foster the way they work naturally for more than 16 years now and it has fulfilled me more than words can explain!


Having witnessed so many women go on to have successful natural birth experiences with this education in hand, I jumped in head first and have finally expanded what I was already doing on a smaller scale more official. So, I created The BIRTH Circle and The Parenting Continuum. This was a natural progression that made my teachings and communities more reachable and affordable for my students, clients and fellow birth, menstrual and holistic workers. In addition, it brought us all together in the same space, creating a place where we can truly rely on one another in the upbringing of our children. Enter, The Village.


Today I am beyond blessed to be able to offer mentorship @ The BIRTH Circle. My heart is so full seeing other women succeed and watching their lives improve as a result of being in this community. 

“Dani, thank you SO much for referring me to xxxx. I just called about making an appointment and they are soooo understanding. The lady I spoke with was the greatest. I can’t even begin to thank you enough. You really are awesome and I thank the universe every day for your compassion and wanting to help others.” -Jennie S.

We can study all we desire, but when we are part of a movement with a group of mothers who are all progressing in the same direction, the power is insurmountable. You are not alone in this. If you’re seeking more guidance on evidence-based decisions and a natural birth and/or lifestyle, you’re just moments away from receiving it.

What is included in your BIRTH Circle membership:

  • Monthly Educational Content – Sometimes, it’ll be a video tutorial with Dani you can tune into right from wherever you are. Other weeks, it might be swipe files, done-for-you research summaries, or parent handouts and cheat sheets to keep on hand during labor.

  • Q&A’s and Expert Interviews with Dani & Other Holistic Professionals – Get your fix of new teachings from a melting pot of sources from the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of varied birth practices across multiple regions, cultures and beliefs.

  • Mindset Prep  – A big part of overcoming the limiting beliefs that keep so many women from succeeding at natural childbirth is all about mindset. The mind and body are one, and we need to understand how both work – independently and together – to comprehend how to support them. Fear is intentional and not necessarily “bad.” It’s an emotion that can be used to motivate you to eliminate it because it acts as a roadblock between you and what you want: that beautiful natural birth experience. The education fostered inside The BIRTH Circle helps you walk away feeling fiercely prepared and excited for labor and birth.

  • Coming soon: Participation in Informal Research Statistics – As a member, you will soon have the opportunity to opt in to recurrent research analyses within the community. Dani will collect, compile and analyze data that pertains to the community and publish it for all members’ use. This data serves as a fantastic supplement to the mainstream research on birth interventions and other child-rearing and prenatal measures that often lack proper controls that would otherwise give us a picture of what outcomes natural birth can produce.

  • A Private Engagement Group In The Village for BIRTH Circle Members Only – In this private Village group, you’ll have access to like-minded mothers-to-be and experienced natural birthers who are or have been in your shoes. You’ll also get to play games games and enter group giveaways. In addition, Dani will be there regularly, showing up to serve you! This includes added privacy protection, and The Village remains a platform which values individual freedom of speech.

  • Quick Tips and Big Wins – Mini-teachings dubbed as Dani’s #YDKWYDK (You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know) Series, chocked full of fun video tutorials and cheat sheets that serve to elevate your educational experience and make learning fun and easy! 


A Library of Research Summaries Including Information On:

Standard Prenatal Tests, Birth Control Safety, The History of Childbirth, Labor Interventions, Vaccines, Vitamin K, Home Birth and more


  • Priority Access and Discounts  – As a member of The BIRTH Circle, you will be first in line when future courses or membership events are launched. Further, members receive a discount on visual birth planning research and creation via Motherboard.

Monthly Price 

 Recurring $39/month

Annual Price 

Recurring $390/year

The BIRTH Circle Membership Fine Print

This isn’t a lifetime commitment, though many of you are certainly committed to lifelong learning and have been with me for years. Still, you can cancel any time you choose. I won’t take it personally. It is my sincerest hope that you will embrace this learning experience and feel an immense impact from the time you spend here, even if it is short-lived. You can cancel from within your BIRTH Circle account. Refunds are available for members who have months remaining on annual memberships. The BIRTH Circle is a subscription service and users will be billed monthly or annually depending on the membership plan of their choosing. Your membership will automatically renew on a monthly or annual basis, and your credit card on file will be charged unless you cancel prior to the next billing date. The BIRTH Circle membership is suited for individual use only and is not intended for companies or agencies at this stage.

A Library of Pregnancy & Parenting Tips 

All members of The BIRTH Circle have access to a library, but free users are limited to truncated summaries without sources. All of that changes when you’re a BIRTH Circle member. You gain access to a research library that will continue to build during your time with us. Each month will bring new data summaries on the topics you need to know about, fully sourced with links at your fingertips. Knowledge is power, and the more educated you are, the more successful you can be at pursuing a natural childbirth and parenting lifestyle. You will have access to the research library for as long as you’re a member. 


Access to tutorials and educational content is the primary thing that makes The BIRTH Circle stand out from other childbirth education tools. The relationships you build here as fellow mothers foster your knowledge and support your growth as you step into motherhood are both intimate and priceless.

What makes The BIRTH Circle different?

BIRTH stands for:

Building Your Best Birth

Informed Choices

Research, the Right Way

Train for Childbirth

Honor Thy Self



This Is A Safe Space

The BIRTH Circle is a space to feel welcomed and supported. Judgement gets checked at the door.

We Respect All Parents

We’re all at different places in this journey. Some are years into a more natural lifestyle and have given birth unmedicated many times while others are hoping to accomplish it for the first time. We respect every path each parent walks. All are welcome.

We Love Evidence

The BIRTH Circle is a place to share evidence. That does not mean we don’t discuss opinions and alternative thoughts. But we try to support our claims here and the educational content provided is well-rooted in supportive data.

We Are Against Censorship

While kindness and thoughtful intention matter, The BIRTH Circle is hosted inside of The Village, and standing against censorship is the biggest tenet The Village holds. All opinions allowed, but let’s keep it respectful and a safe space for fellow members.


Years ago, women had a safe space within their own villages to give birth. Their mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and neighbors were by their side as they welcomed new life into the world. They tended to their other children and took care of Dad’s hungry stomach while mom and baby were lying in and relishing their new relationship. 


Today, we’ve grown so far from that, having to pay for support during labor that we cannot just assume we will get from our providers. We have to chase down the education we are entitled to because our mothers, aunts and grandmothers weren’t around to see that miraculous village experience either. That changes now. We will be able to give our daughters, nieces and granddaughters so much more. We’re taking back the village, and The BIRTH Circle is the perfect place for it to be reborn. 


Unsure if The BIRTH Circle is the place for you?

Childbirth is a beautiful experience, and unforeseen events can certainly occur that require intervention and assistance. This BIRTH Circle doesn’t invalidate those experiences. The BIRTH Circle acknowledges that interventions and assistance are being recommended and employed in births that don’t truly warrant it. It acknowledges that childbirth is mostly an event to be supported and respected, not messed with. Today’s pregnant mothers, having lost that opportunity for ancestral wisdom to be passed down to them, find it here.

Here is who I created The BIRTH Circle for…

Parents who are excited to approach education in a fun new way that is nothing like school. None of the content delivered to you as a part of your membership is required, but you will gain much more confidence and insight into your body and birth if you give it some attention.


Those who are prepared to invest in their own abilities to grow both intellectually and spiritually into motherhood.


People who know what they want, or what they don’t want, and need help figuring out how to achieve/avoid it. 


Pregnant women who are ready to put in a little work while gaining a whole lot of information that is vital to the success of the birth experience they desire.


This is who The BIRTH Circle is not for…

Those who are hoping for a crash course in childbirth education that they can learn in a few hours, days or weeks and be on their way. The truth is, healthcare is failing women, and the current model of spending a few hours in a childbirth education course isn’t enough. We’re talking about replacing years worth of valuable information you would have been given had your own mother and grandmother known it to share with you. That simply cannot be done in a quick course. 


This is an ongoing learning experience that will continue to build upon itself. Many are here who aren’t even having any more babies, simply so they can be educated enough to help their own children someday. 


People with a negative mindset. Coming into the membership doubting yourself so we can lift you up is just fine. But coming into the membership doubting others’ abilities or looking down on mothers who are pursuing natural birth is not. This membership won’t fix that part of your personality.


Individuals hoping I can guarantee their success. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you do with the information you pick up here. What I can guarantee is that I will continue to show up and serve you with information you’re struggling to find elsewhere. I can also guarantee you’ll have a community here ready to support you postpartum whether you succeed at natural birth or not. 


I am confident The BIRTH Circle works because I’ve been a part of countless success stories, but I cannot guarantee that anyone here will apply the knowledge they receive during their birth or absorb all they need to know that is delivered to them. 


Where you are in your motherhood journey doesn't matter; The BIRTH Circle is holding space for you.

Get in The BIRTH Circle Now!

Monthly Price

 Recurring $39/month

Annual Price

Recurring $390/year

Got Questions?

Is The BIRTH Circle for first-time moms only?

No. Many assume this kind of educational membership is catered to first-time mothers, but we have members from all walks of life. Some have had a baby already and the birth went poorly, and they want to shore up their chances of success the next time around. Some are here to process birth trauma and experience rebirths through other members’ stories. Many members are second-time, third-time and even fourth-time mothers who have decided to go natural again and again. Even though they already know they can do it, they stay because the education just keeps growing and they feel so empowered by the knowledge and community here.

What if I decide to cancel?

No hard feelings from this gal! Annual members can receive a refund if they have months remaining. Monthly members are advised to cancel before their next billing cycle. Partial-month refunds are not available.

Where will I access the content?

Content will be available to you inside the Education Hub and Research Library.

Is this a religious group?

No. We welcome members of all faiths and backgrounds. However, we do not censor religious content if it is shared in the context of other relevant information such as a birth story or religious ritual or practice like a christening.




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