Afraid you can't say no to that epidural, but you want a natural birth without all the interventions?

Looking for that long lost village of experienced natural birthers you can learn from? Wondering where all of these successful mothers are hiding who have been where you are and want to help you navigate the tricky world of Google and misinformation? We’re waiting for you inside The BIRTH Circle!

Led by Dani Lasher, Childbirth and Parenting Educator, The BIRTH Circle takes women on a journey like no other. As a community with like interests surrounds and supports you, your knowledge about birth will grow in ways you never imagined, and you’ll realize that somewhere along this really engaging and fun relationship you’ve built with us, you learned all you needed to know to have your perfect natural birth. 

The BIRTH Circle savors sisterhood, and more than anything, you will develop a newfound confidence in yourself. Say goodbye to the days of not knowing how to support your choices when loved ones and providers disagree with you. The fear of birth and anxiety coming from all of those “what ifs” will melt away day after day as you see moms-to-be just like you succeeding at natural childbirth again and again. You can do this! We’ll help you see how!

Here's what BIRTH Circle members have to say...

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More kind words from BIRTH Circle Members...

“If it wasn’t for this group, I would have blindly complied with dr recommendations and likely had a third disappointing induction. If it wasn’t for this group, I never would have discovered my passion for empowering mothers and took the first steps to become a midwife.”
– Robin S.
“I just want to say that this group brings me so much joy. Like, there’s real life stuff happening in the group, but more often than not I’m seeing pictures of new babies, moms helping moms, encouragement, support and love. THIS is the best of the human race. It’s an ugly world out there and we all come from varying backgrounds, cultures, religions, political views, etc. But the true CARE that is displayed here gives me hope for our babies. Bless all you mommas in whatever phase you’re in!”
– Rachel T.
“THANK YOU!!!!! I joined this group years ago, long before I even started trying for a baby. I didn’t even fully understand WHAT a natural birth was – I just wanted to learn. I sat back and listened to countless wise women share their encouragement and knowledge.My eyes starting to open. Now I sit here, just found out I am pregnant with our first baby, and I am CONFIDENT, knowledgeable, and excited for birth. You, and everyone here saved me from heartache which would have been inevitable with the conventional route. THANK YOU for this space and the integrity you hold here. It changes lives.”
– Cassiti O.
“Just celebrated my baby’s 1st birthday. Brought back all the feels from being able to deliver naturally thanks to the women in this group and such wisdom and encouragement. This was literally the best year of my life. All the love hormones came overwhelmingly, and I could not thank this community enough.”
– Cyndi. C



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