The Village Roadmap

We plan on growing and improving The Village for years to come. On this page, we will keep a list of upcoming features.

  • Profiles for professionals and individual users
  • A filter feature so you can view posts by “most trending,” “chronological order,” etc
  • Ability to follow a post/receive notifications without commenting on it
  • Improved features for private messaging
  • Additional tools inside “My Account” settings
  • Ability to search individual post archives
  • Ability to tag other members
  • A Research library that will house data summaries on a wide variety of topics inside both The BIRTH Circle and The Parenting Continuum
  • Basic & Enhanced memberships inside The Parenting Continuum that will include monthly/weekly content from a variety of holistic health and wellness practitioners, parenting educators, newborn coaches, and much more!
  • An learning membership inside The BIRTH Circle that offers monthly educational content to take you on a childbirth education journey like no other
  • Weekly prenatal coloring pages for BIRTH Circle members 
  • Weekly prenatal fetal and development educational email series
  • Inline Comments
  • Implementation of a dashboard landing page where users can choose to enter the group feed, the research library, or the education hub inside The BIRTH Circle