About The Village

The Village is a platform meant for building community. This is a space for families to embrace their natural health and the wisdom of our ancestors, blended with modern-day evidence.

Faced with censorship and stifled engagement at every turn, The Village Founder, Dani Lasher saw a need to do better for families. Her passion for transparency in media fueled her vision of a space where families can pursue that truth, without being weighed down and driven off-course by algorithms, competing interests and profit margins. 

Once upon a time, it was commonplace to grow up in a community that practiced natural health and lifestyle regimens. These practices didn’t need to be learned or researched. They were organic and instinctual. Society is far removed from that mindset today. The Village recognizes this and aims to reconnect families to that ancestral wisdom balanced with “evidence-based”  data. 

Above all, we hope to reunite people – with each other.